Hi, how are you? I hope you are fine! My name is Muhammad Hafid Khoirul, people usually call me Hafid.

I'm a software developer based in Bogor, Indonesia, currently working as a backend engineer at Qontak. I have been working as a backend engineer since I graduated from Brawijaya University in 2020 with computer engineer major. So, it's been 4 years, time does flies fast.

I'm focused on backend technology right now. Mainly use Ruby on Rails at the moment, tried a lot of things, Go, Phoenix, NestJs, etc, love them. Beside web development, I also interested in other fields like computer vision and IoT. Doing small projects in my spare time. My thesis was about computer vision by the way, you can read here.

I made this site to be my portfolio and blog. My writing skill needs a lot of practices... That's why I'm going to share everything I want here. This will work also as my note, dont't forget everything after you learn something, take notes!

Finally, thank you for visiting this site, means a lot.

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